Memories for A.C. Kuse

Mike Gideon
A.C. and I worked together at Furrow's & Woodson's. I loved him like a favorite uncle. He had a good heart, and a wonderful sense of humor. We shared many laughs. He came to my 50th birthday party with a gift. I said, "You didn't have to buy me anything". He replied, "You haven't opened it yet", while grinning. It was 2 AA batteries with a note that said "Gift Not Included". We laughed so hard, and I can't forget moments like that. I still have a piece of chocolate in my fridge that makes me think of AC & Nan. It has a white wrapper with gold writing on it, that says A.C. & Nan 1953-2013. I will miss him so much, as I know you all will. But we have assurance that we will see him again. I wish I could be there on Sat to celebrate his life, but I have to work. May God Bless You with Peace & love. <3
Samantha Pierce
Mr.Kuse was a wonderful person and such an amazing husband to Nana. He was helpful to everyone.I send my sincere sympathies to his family
Jackie Stroope McKey
Talk about an accommodating individual who had a desire to please and be kind to everybody. Your dad, and mother for that matter (I can't think of them separately because they were always together), always were so nice to me and my family. AC was a "people person." All the years being neighbors, parent overseeing us girl friends, and "Mr. Helpful" at the hardware stores from Conroe to Kerrville, he was an active church goer and devoted family man; your daddy always had a friendly smile, handsome appearance, and good idea or story or two to share. He was a simple Godly man seemingly very happy with his life and, like my daddy, covered up with pretty girls and dang proud of them. His home was always kept and his example to folks was forthright and splendidly stellar. I still can mention his name "AC Kuse" to old Conroe folks and so many know who I am talking about. He touched many lives in the Conroe area. I'm going to miss your daddy, as I know you will, but rest assured I'll keep him fondly and ever so alive in my memory. Each time I pass your old house in River Plantation I will continue to smile and feel comfort in having known your family. Your daddy was a gentleman to the Nth degree! Prayers and deepest sympathy to your sweet mom and you girls from all The Stroopes. Love, Jackie
jack walker
I met AC when my wife Nina went to The Manor in Aug.2013 and AC and I were both there at all meals to help our wives with their food. I recall AC coming over to our table and tellng me how much he appreciated my taking care of Nina even though at that time he did not know me very well. I thought that was awesome and said a lot about his character. Since both of our wives had PD we spent a lot of time together discussing the disease and our experiences with it and it saddens me that he is gone and I will miss him. Jack Walker
Cindy Crabb
What I remember most about your dad is how happy and joyful he was, always smiling. Always ready to meet the needs of others. Never forget the time we were on a camp trip with the Sims and their van with all 10 of us broke down some where in the Hill Country. It was a Sunday evening. We knew your parents lived in the area so we called them. Your Dad came and found us hauled us back to our camp site then helped Rod Sims get the van fixed so we could all get to Austin for KFC. What a servant!
Terrie Lee Burgin
The reason I told the story of the geese is because A.C. did live that story out. He was a leader, he encouraged others, he prayed and brought people back to the Lord and he was a servant. That about sums up his life.
Don Scherr
A.C. was a true gentleman who would never ignore people in need. A man of integrity who I am proud to call friend, will be missed. May God bless.
Terrie Lee Burgin
The first time I ever came home with Cyndie our freshman year, her parents made me feel at home. We went to church and then came home for your mom's Sunday roast and mashed potatos and spinach. Which, I didn't like spinach, but learned to and love it today. We were almost finished with lunch, when your dad said, Terrie Lee do you like hot peach cobbler? yes, I do. Your mom, A.C. what moma? Do you like it with ice cream on top? yes, your mom A.C. What moma, Do you want some? Yes, I would, A.C. me too but we don't have any. That was my first experience with your dad's humor, which I loved. Another story, your daddy wanted to preach one Sunday morning about geese. I will never forget his sermon and how calm he was as he preached that day. He told us about geese flying in a V so they can help each other get where they are going, just like the church, he said the ones in the back honk and honk to the leaders in the front, just like the church, as we use words of encouragement to our elders,deacons and ministers. He told how the leaders would go to the back of the line to gain strength, just like the elders, when they would serve the congregation. When one of the geese would get sick or didn't have enough strength and drop out of line, another one would go with him and nurse him back to health and then meet up with another group later, when they were strong enough. just like the church, when one of us falls away, another one will come and stay with us and encourage us, pray for us, love on us, until we are ready to come back to church. He said, oh how we can learn from God's creatures, maybe we need to start acting like geese and help each other. What a powerful lesson. Thanks A.C. for all the memories, for all the laughs and all the love. You will truly be missed. Love you.
I appreciate all the work A.C. did as an elder in the church, especially the times that were difficult and inconvenient. I'm grateful for his influence on me when our family was going through challenges when I was growing up. I believe his faithfulness and selflessness were a great example of Christ's love.